These are the collected notes of James Somers (ronintofu), NexGenT NCSA & CompTIA Security+ (SYO-501) certified. If you want to suggest something be added or changed, please do so {here}.

From the author of this gitbook:

I'm adding this simply because I've been asked a few times now: no, I am not charging anyone for anything related to these notes, including the {quizlets} that I've made. You can consider them open-source. Because I have been asked, you are welcome to {buy me a coffee}, but I'll never charge for any material.
The actual Security+ exam was an entirely different beast than I expected and the material we got from NGT was more of a guide on what to study than the material you should study. My own, expanded study guide is going to need some work if it's going to be anywhere inclusive of everything on the exam. Definitely spend the time to learn all of the acronyms but also learn how to read logs to figure out what kind of threat you're facing (could you tell the difference between a worm and a virus by looking at it's code or network logs?). Even with everything I've done I feel I was definitely unprepared.


These are personal notes meant originally for personal studying, so keep that in mind as you'll see spelling and grammatical errors, as well as a general shift in note-taking style over time, as these were taken over a 3 month period.
This is an ongoing project and will be updated regularly. I'd like to keep working on it and expand it to cover the 601 material when I have the money to purchase the book(s) to do so.

If you'd like to learn to program, I recommend {Codecademy}!

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